At Marc Cain, we design and create pieces that accompany women in their everyday lives: Our focus is on the modern, self-confident woman who lives today, who is open and curious. She loves being a woman and expresses herself through what she wears – feminine and natural. She knows no age; she is the sum of her experiences and impressions and goes through life positively and casually. Our Marc Cain Collections are as versatile as the women who wear them. Fashion that is always a little different. Distinctive and unmistakable.

Helmut Schlotterer, the Chairman of the Management Board, founded the internationally successful fashion company Marc Cain in 1973. Over the last decades we have reinterpreted our Collections every season anew, with great attention to detail and perfection down to the last detail in a contemporary way. We always pay special attention to the highest demands we ourselves place on design, quality, materials, innovative processing methods and fit. What makes our Marc Cain looks unique is the special tension created by the subtle interplay of different materials and silhouettes – lively, expressive and uncomplicated.

In recent years, Niza has focused on the development of international markets, which translates into 35% of its turnover.

In 2016, Niza has been awarded the “Gold Medal of the Spanish Association of Professional Image”.


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